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Currently residing in Santee California, I cannot fathom why it took me so long to move to San Diego. 15 easy minutes to Sunset Cliffs in Mission Beach or just a small drive up the coast to La Jolla Beach and Torrey Pines.

I now live where others go to vacation :)

Page #1 on Google Guaranteed!

All White Hat, All Best Practices!

Helping local businesses like yours to rank higher, longer is why I got into SEO, and I will use my white hat San Diego SEO techniques to bring more traffic and better traffic to your site.

I have been a web developer and SEO practitioner for over 12 years. I have seen many changes in this space. But what I have seen consistently over the years is when people do the right things they always have better results. Only when you try to cut corners or game the system do you do harm to your website.

Your business in San Diego needs to be as visible as your competition, and then some. Ranking on Google higher and longer will bring in more traffic to your website, and not just more, but better traffic. More visitors converts to more clients. Of course just driving traffic is not the key concept, but traffic targeted to your products or services. I even go a step further by helping you with your Close Ratio Optimization (CRO) which is the technique of getting visitors to turn into clients. Maximizing your ROI is my goal.

Whether you are a start up right down here on Mission Gorge road, or you have been around for a while in La Mesa, Lemon Grove, or Spring Valley, I can help you rank higher and get more clients.

Living and working in SoCal is not just about the beautiful weather, it's about the local economy and seasonal vacationers also. Learn from me on how to take advantage of all the opportunities.